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Tow Administrator
  • $75.00 per month

  • Fleet Management
  • $0.25 per dispatch call

  • GPS Integration
  • $5.00 per month, per device (does not include HW purchases or Webfleet subscriptions)

  • Embedded Dispatch Control for your Website
  • $19.99 per month

  • Listing with Public Dispatching
  • $14.99 per month

  • Business Web Page with Public Dispatching
  • $4.99 per month (Requires Listing)

  • Online Auction Listings
  • $0.25 per listing

  • Online Inventory Listing
  • $0.25 per listing

  • Municipality Solutions
  • Call for Details

 Pricing is the most cost effective dispatching software available:

    Simply pay as you go!
    • No Time Limit!
    • No Contracts!
    • No Expiration!
    All for only 25¢ a dispatch call, inventory listing or auction listing!

    Get started for as low as $4.99, with larger packages for higher volume businesses.


    Don’t be listed, get dispatched!

    Our towing and service provider products are built to both help you generate money and save money. Take a look at this grid to see how our products and services help you achieve your monetary goals:

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    All Products!

    Save money with GPS Integration:
    • Take more efficient routes
    • Avoid traffic incidents
    • Real-time driver feedback saves fuel
    • Monitor for unauthorized equipment use
    Save money with our robust Cloud-Hybrid Architecture:
    • Your business continues to work even if your Internet is interrupted
    • Increase productivity by working outside your primary office
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    Tow Administrator

    Helps Generate $$$ Helps Save $$$

  • See which customers, properties and agencies generate the most revenue – concentrate on the most profitable work
  • Identify which drivers are the most productive
  • Automatically charges for proper storage time for states that allow partial day storage
  • Process liens on-time
  • Tracks all your vehicles on your lot, nothing falls through the cracks
  • Automatically fill out forms with pre-entered data
  • Print invoices and receipts quickly to speed customer service
  • Process monthly customer statements in bulk, get them in the mail faster
  • Identify which trucks costs more to operate
  • Run daily reconciliation reports to ensure all receipts and invoices are accounted for
  • Advanced invoice search tools help you find information faster
  • Export data to your spreadsheet application to perform additional analytics

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    Helps Generate $$$ Helps Save $$$

  • Make it easier for businesses to send you new work
  • See new work requests from the public faster, increasing response time and customer satisfaction
  • Increase business customer satisfaction with real-time updates and increased communications
  • Reduce phone calls between the office and your drivers using GPS devices
  • Increase driver productivity when connecting remotely
  • Businesses enter the data for you reduce dictation and typographical errors
  • Get new calls dispatched to your fleet faster
  • Have dispatch companies enter your overnight calls for you as they take them

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    Helps Generate $$$ Helps Save $$$

  • Increase web traffic to your business
  • Increase bidder turnout at auctions
  • Public individuals can find your business with their phones when they need help
  • Reduce phone calls from owners looking for their vehicle
  • Reduce phone calls from prospective bidders


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