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    Don’t be listed, get dispatched!

    Tow is a full featured dispatching platform designed to break down the barriers between you and your customers. Tow Dispatch brings you closer to your customers and provides you with a single tool to manage all of your calls – no matter the source. Removing the Barriers... Ecosystem

    ...between you and the public:

    Advertise your services on, where people looking for towing services from their mobile devices near your office can find you and send requests directly to your account. also offers an embedded dispatching control, allowing you to receive work requests directly from YOUR web site!

    Also list your auction vehicles on and increase auction turnout!
    ...between you and your business partners:

    Non-towing businesses that need to move a large number of vechiles reguarly can use' Business Tools to send requests directly to your account – turning into your B2B dispatching portal.

    Advantages to using with your dispatch companies include:
    • New dispatch calls from ANY source can immediately be seen on your dispatch screen and you simultaneously receive an email notification of the request.
    • No more paperwork that has to be manually entered every morning.
    • Direct text message dispatching to your drivers and trucks.
    • Real-time monitoring: No more wondering and waiting to see what your drivers are doing in the middle of the night.

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